Welcome to Um Coffee Co.!

We are coffee farmers. We are roasters. We are a café. We are a space for all lovers of specialty coffee, born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil and now also present in different locations over the Latin American territory.
Coffee is our passion, and we approach it as a complete experience: from the origin and selection of the beans, followed by a technologically advanced roasting process, all the way to the perfect cup, ready for you to enjoy.
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Enjoy your own Um Coffee experience

In contemporary and cozy environments, we offer #umcoffeelovers a vast selection of our specialty coffees from all producing regions in Brazil, signature coffee-based drinks and a hand-picked selection of healthy, delicious dishes and snacks.
Our expert team of baristas is always ready to deliver you the perfect drink, as well as answer your questions about our coffees and the various brewing methods.
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Promoting a culture of specialty coffee

At Um Coffee Co., we care about more than simply making and serving the best possible coffee to our customers. We strive to promote the Brazilian specialty coffee culture, both within and outside our borders.
To achieve this goal, we work on several fronts: organizing free cupping events at our cafes, training the next generation of coffee enthusiasts and professionals at our SCA-certified Um Coffee Academy and supplying our specialty coffee roasts to an ever-increasing number of other cafes and food establishments.
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