The roots of our business

Our passion for coffee began with the export of Brazilian coffee beans. Upon experiencing the intense specialty coffee culture abroad, we felt compelled to grow our own high quality beans, and bring the appreciation of Brazilian specialty coffees to a national public. In 2011, we took our first step in that journey and started production at Fazenda Um, located in the Mantiqueira de Minas Gerais region, which produces some of the best coffees in Brazil. Today, our beans are exported abroad and, since 2016, also served at our own cafes.
Um Coffee Co. started because we wanted our own place to experiment with roasting profiles, test exclusive recipes and, of course, serve amazing coffee. And it turned out customers also wanted such a place: in the years that followed, we started serving #umcoffeelovers in several neighborhoods in São Paulo and even in our neighboring country of Paraguay.
With a powerful combination of excellent beans, unique roasting recipes and expertly-trained baristas, our mission at Um Coffee Co. today is to offer our clients not only in Brazil, but all over South America, the opportunity to experience the multitude of complex, unique flavors a simple cup of coffee can hold.


Even an excellent product can only go so far without an excellent team working behind it. Here at Um Coffee Co., we are proud to work with qualified, passionate and talented professionals that deeply understand high-quality coffee and share our mission to spread more knowledge about it.

A few notable accomplishments of some of our staff include:
▪ Boram Um, our Q-grader, 4th place in Brazil's national cup tasters championship
▪ Garam Um, barista and first certified head instructor at Um Coffee Academy, who has collected all available AST certifications for SCA in Brazil.
▪ Midori Martins, barista - manager at Um Coffee Co., and 3rd place in 2017's national Brewers championship.


2nd place, Best coffee shop in São Paulo
Veja São Paulo 2018-2019
1st place, Best coffee shop in São Paulo
Veja São Paulo 2017-2018
3rd place, Best coffee shop in São Paulo
Veja São Paulo 2016-2017