At Um Coffee Co., our work starts with the sourcing of excellent coffee beans, followed by their selection and quality evaluation. Then we move on to the roasting stage, where we develop our roasting profiles:

exclusive recipes, specifically crafted for each kind of bean we sell. The final touch is brought by our talented baristas, who are specialists in the art of serving impeccable coffee.

01. Plantation

We source our coffee from specialty farms all over Brazil. For example, our own Fazenda Um resides at an altitude between 1200 and 1300m above sea level. This is one of the reasons for the high quality of our beans.

02. Quality Beans

Not only do we work exclusively with beans that officially qualify as specialty coffee, we also aim to go one step beyond: all coffees we serve at Um Coffee Co. score at least 86 points (SCA).

03. Roasting Profiles

Just like wine, the characteristics of each coffee tend to vary between harvests. For that reason, our roasting profiles are in constant development, to bring out the finest qualities of our beans each year.

04. Roasted Beans

At Um Coffee Co., we only serve freshly roasted coffee. And for those who prefer to experience their cup at home, all our packaging are sealed with degassing valves that best preserve the quality of our roasts.

05. Brewing Methods

In our cafes, you can try various brewing methods. Different methods of pour-over, aeropress, french press and of course, espresso. Ask our baristas for explanations, recipe suggestions, and discover which method is your favorite!

06. The perfect cup

A unique experience, the result of the hard work, care and talent of many professionals along the way. We invite you to visit your nearest Um Coffee Co., and discover true Brazilian specialty coffee!